Sea-Thru for your Newbuild Cruise Ship.

In recent times considerable changes have evolved in the exterior design & appearance of luxury cruise ships. The major factor that has brought about these changes is the increased use of toughened glass. This eye-catching versatile product conveys opulence and style, whilst providing huge benefits in terms of safety and practicality (visit our Technical page for further details).

Newbuild cruise ships with thousands of square metres of exterior and passenger amenity glass now require a more informed professional approach to achieve efficient maintenance results within a realistic time scale.
It is very important that correct glass maintenance practices are introduced as inappropriate maintenance methods often result in very large areas becoming chemically stained. Generally this occurs after the first 2-3 years of service.

The solution

Sea-Thru™ Service programmes allow MGM engineers to protectively treat vulnerable glazing before damage occurs. See our service page for details.

Sea-Thru™ Training programmes give deck crews the knowledge and tools to proficiently apply the Sea-Thru™ Protective Treatment in-house. See our training page for details.

Note: All programmes are scheduled and implemented at your chosen destination

Balcony ballistrade areas

Balcony ballistrade areas are vast on newbuilding vessels, often accounting for more than 4000 M² of exterior glazing (both sides inclusive). The view from your passenger’s balcony is a very important part of their cruise experience.

Individual cabin stewards can be easily trained to maintain these areas very quickly and effectively using simple hand tools and Sea-Thru™ Glass Cleaner No1, eliminating hose use.

Hose use usually leaves excess water on toughened glass which results in permanent staining very quickly in hot climates.

Avoiding the use of hoses also saves thousands of gallons of precious water and is both very effective and economical, whether glass has received Sea-Thru™ non-stick Protective Treatment or not.

Cabin steward cleaning eliminates the long term potential for the staining of vast quantities of exterior glazing.



'Correct advice from the
outset on newbuilding
vessels, ensures that good habits are established before problems arise.'