About Us.

We began trading as a land based glass renovation and treatment company in the late 1980’s, quickly discovering the world of commercial marine shipping.

Our marine activities soon revealed that this particular market had inherent widespread problems concerning exterior glazing performance and maintenance.

We recognized that Shipping Clients require products specifically developed for their demanding theatre of operation.

Marine Glass Maintenance International Ltd was formed and we set out to address these problems.

A period of continuous development ensued. P & O Technical offices were approached and discussions instigated as to their specific requirements.  Our philosophy of working with rather than for the client was key to the creation and content of the Sea-Thru™ Renovation & Treatment system.

Our Clients now enjoy a system created to the specification of their fellow professionals and the exacting realities of the commercial marine market.

As a company our aim is to contribute to the enjoyment and overall experience of the cruise passenger.

With ships increasing exterior glazing from an average of 1500 M² throughout the 1980’s to 15,000 M² or more on today’s Newbuildings, the age of the floating glass palace is truly upon us.

Please visit our Clients page to see a selection of cruise companies and individual vessels who have utilized the Sea-Thru™ Renovation & Treatment System.

‘...the age of the floating
glass palace is truly
upon us.'